I Am the Flower

I am the flower.
You are the rain.
You wash me of the dusty haze.
You quench me of my thirst.
You cool me in the summer days.
I’m touching You, but You have touched me first.

I am the flower.
You are the sun.
You wrap up and keep me warm.
You light my world to see.
You rescue me of autumn storms.
I call to You, but You’ve already come.

No one is like You.

No one cleanses like You.
No one satisfies like You.
No one refreshes like You.
No one comforts like You.
No one reveals like You.
No one rescues like You.

You are God, and there is no other!

By Matthias

God Is Smart

God is an an absolute genius. Consider simply human language. If one of our friends knows three or even just two languages, we think they are smart. By some counts, the world has up to 8,000 languages–and God knows every one. More than that, He is fluent in every single one. He is a brilliant communicator. When He speaks to us, He speaks using pictures and words that connect with us given our experience. God knows everything. He is, simply put, very smart.

By John Allan