Oh Glorious Day

While He was alive, He loved me. Even knowing the pain it would bring, He loved me. When He was dying, He saved my life. Even at the culmination of His suffering He still loved me enough to save me. When He was buried, He removed my sins as far as the east is from the west. That’s impossible for me to fathom merely because to the human eye the east and west cannot be separated. So to remove them that far is to take them beyond infinity. When He rose, He justified me. All the suffering I have caused Him and yet He states that I am free of blame.

But the best part…..One day HE IS COMING! He loves me enough to come back for me. He wants me to be close enough to Him that I can bask in His presence for eternity. With nothing to distract me and pull me away from Him.  He’s not going to get tired of me following Him constantly. In fact He wants me to! That is truly going to be a glorious day!

By Ashley Stutzman

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