You Did It Again

Dear God,

You did it again. Do you ever get tired of being yourself and doing what you do? It seems you can’t quit!

You take words that seem insignificant and you give them supernatural power. You take crumbs and you multiply them, maybe not to feed a multitude but to satisfy the deep cravings of one man’s soul.

You make paths cross, passing Your life from one man to another, until it reaches the one You were seeking to touch. No one is sure where your work starts or stops, and no one can tell just how far or just what places it goes. That’s why you are the only one who can take credit.

You give divine wisdom in the moment of need. It’s not that you’re late. It’s just that you’re so incredibly personal and well scheduled that you can give the answer in the perfect time. It’s so good to meet You like that, God!

You are so good at what you do! Our only request is that we could give you more of our lives and more of this world, so that you could share more of Yourself.

We love you because you loved us first, and because of this, I sign:

Your son,


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