God’s Hand Is Bigger

“Your hand is in his. Guess which is bigger?”

Scrawled on a paper on the wall of a worship room, the beauty of this graffiti is neither the art nor the penmanship but the profundity of the words. It’s fitting that such a tribute to God be a scrawl, for the best we do for God often seems little more than a scribble–and yet, it does not matter, for the smallness of our hands shows the strength and size of his.

Here’s to the God who is bigger!

John Allan

Predestined to the Image of His Son

Thank you, God, for the stories that surround this work of art: stories of You pursuing my real dreams, when I had given them up and started pursuing “cool” dreams—good and wonderful dreams, dreams I had begun to think were from You, but not the best for me. Thank you for asking no less than surrender—and for the surprises on the other side of surrender: the way I discover You hard at work making me into an authentic, original witness, when I had hoped only to be like others I admired.

Thank You, also, that You do not force surrender—Your gentle way with me lures me, solidly, toward a deeper, more settled, surrender. I am deeply touched that you do not see the journey as wasted time–on so many different levels…

  1. There are no walls between us when I am not trying to “make” surrender happen.
  2. You’re crazy over me and can’t help but respect my personal choice like no one on earth because You value me so much and know all about me and care so much.
  3. You think that surrender that is not fear and flesh based is well worth the wait, and You can easily tell the difference.
  4. The process is our secret story, the history of You working in my life, which would be sad to miss. Thank you for cherishing me in this way! Your love is driving fear out, and I am honored to be Yours!

By Rosa Mary Nisly