So Amazing

God is so amazing that English does not do justice to Him. The word “magnificent” is a slight hint of who He is. If you would use the superlative of “magnificent” that would a little bit more of a hint. The superlative of the superlative of “magnificent” would inch closer to explaining Him but still be a slight hint. To truly explain how majestic and how marvelous our God is, one needs an upgraded language–the language of Heaven.

By John Allan

Wonderful Love

Dear God,

Your love is amazing. It takes the dirt and grime and reveals the gold. It takes away the monotony and dreariness and replaces it with vibrant color. You shower compassion on the hurting and thereby make them whole. You forgive the sinners and thereby make them clean. You love the ordinary and thus make them extraordinary.

Your love is–well, words fail. Your love is You. You are like no other.

By John Allan

Always There

Jesus…there are times when I honestly don’t know what to do with myself. The questions, fears and frustrations swirling in my mind scare me.

I thank you that these are the times when You, my Saviour, hold out Your arms and bid me to fling my stormy self into Your embrace.

By Jessica Yoder

Desire of Nations

You, O God, are the desire of the nations. You are all we could possibly wish for, more than we could imagine. You are what we want. Glimpses of you make our hearts beat with excitement. You are amazing. You are a shield for us. Under your wings we feel safe and secure.

You are the one. You are our desire and our hope.

In our dreams at night, we think of you. When we lie in bed at night, we think of your words. When we are afraid, we pray to you. Our secret wish is to know you better and more. We dream of seeing more of you.

You are the one.

You are our desire.

By John Allan