Because of What He’s Done for Me

Preface: Yesterday I realized, “This is really what God wants me to do, and I want to do it, too, but am almost afraid to.” That was the inspiration for this song. I want to take what God has given me and give them right back up to him. We can’t out give God. He gave us the things that we enjoy doing for a reason. Take your gift—whether passion for children, relationships, or music—and use it to its fullest extent to bring glory to God. -Wendell Knepp

I said Honey I don’t know if I can do this,
I’m not sure that this is where God’s wanting me.
I don’t know if I’m the man
I don’t know what is the plan
I just know what God has done for me

He gave his son upon a tree, who gave that blood for you and me.
They tried to hold him captive, but instead he holds the key.
He opened up the way to him, he saying children come on in.
And I will be you father, if you will trust in me.

So I picked up that guitar and started singing.
I started singing than with everything I had.
And even though I am a man,
I can clearly see God’s plan,
I’m here to sing for him because of what he’s done for me.

So to each of you who finally hears this tune,
And you really wonder what God wants from you,
And even if your just a man.
And you may not yet see God’s plan.
Use whatever God has given you and give them right back up to him

By Wendell Knepp

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