Today I was reminded to live in the present. As I was jogging tonight, I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I had to capture it with my cell phone, but I wanted my chance to brag on God!

There is no one like you.
No one in the world can take their own image
and stamp it so deeply upon their own creation.
Your creation reflects you,
like clear water reflects a face.
It points to you.
It mirrors you.
It praises you.

You made the rainbow to remind us of You,
because You are the rainbow after the rain.
Though storms crash around me,
though water drenches my soul, and
though winds tear at my sails,
You are the promise that
I will not be utterly destroyed.

When the storm has passed,
You are the rainbow,
the brilliant array of colors
that light up the sky of my life.
I look up at You and marvel,
captured in a moment of time,
because suddenly I remember
that it took the storm
for me to see
Your colors.

By Matthias Miller

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