You Are My Heart’s Desire

Your presence is amazing. I’ve tried drinking from other cisterns before I came to You, the river of life. I came up empty. Now my thirst is quenched. I felt so alone. I no longer do. How could I, since You are with me and I know you? I was sad and empty. Those are the days of the past. How could I not be filled with joy when You are glad to be with me? Depression is only a memory. My days are filled with laughter and joy.

I tried so many things to find fulfillment. I sought learning. I pursued pleasure. I tried to achieve. Learning, pleasure, and achievement are empty, as Solomon found. But there is no emptiness in You. Only fulfillment. Only joy. Only peace.

You are Shalom. You are the one who satisfied. When I felt alone, I didn’t realize I was a child missing his Father. You are the perfect Father.

Tonight, when I go to sleep, I will rest in peace with the full confidence that I am Yours and I am in Your hand. What else could I want? I will rest my head on my pillow knowing that I have found my heart’s desire. As I fade away, I will dream of You.

I have found my heart’s desire. I have found You.

By John Allan

One thought on “You Are My Heart’s Desire”

  1. Thank you for sharing this testimony. It’s beautiful!! And challenging to me to seek Him alone for fulfillment. “You are the one who satisfies.” So true!

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