I wrote this poem to express how I feel about my salvation experience:

There once was a time when death’s horrific name,
Caused a harvest of tearful shame,
Because I knew that when it came,
I would not be able to remove its blame.

For sin’s dark grip entangled my mind,
And towards Hell’s flame did drag me,
There was no way to bind,
The thoughts of fear that did find me.

Try as I might I could not be free,
From those dark hands that entangled me,
I kicked and kicked, but to no avail,
All I did was fail, fail, fail.

Then a light, a glimmer of hope,
O, can it be,
That Jesus would die,
Just to save me.

I trust and believe,
My fears relieved,
My doubts no more,
Broken on faith’s shore.

Jesus Christ is the name,
That brought an end unto my shame,
He washed away my sinful pride,
And dried the tears that I had cried.

And now death your fearful name,
Has no power to place on me blame,
For through Christ’s blood  I am spotless and white,
And now only do I walk in the light.

Death your weeping has become laughter,
Your howls have turned to shouts,
For I know what happens after,
When I win my final bout.

The rush of your fear has become but a breeze,
And your stormy seas like calm,
I now pass through with ease,
Because of Biblical truth’s sweet balm.

By Patrick Lapp

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