The Ultimate Call

As I watched the ranchers rounding up their cattle into another field this morning, a queer desire rose up in me to do the same. And why not? Working under the blue sky and brilliant sun. The breeze in your face. The smell of hay and manure. The grunts and moos of cattle traipsing away. Such a simple, routine task for the rancher, this mission of moving cattle to a better place.

But within moments my thoughts ran a whole new direction. Why would I want to spend my life moving a bunch of cows around? What would I really be fulfilling, aside from providing beef for someone’s dinner?

I do have another mission, though. This, too, revolves working under the Son.  Here, the breeze is not only pleasant, but crucial, as it is the wind of the Spirit. The fragrance of joy and peace abounds where obedience abides. And the wonder and delight that’s voiced as souls journey to green pastures make the gathering worth it all.

Redeemer Father, thank you for giving your children a calling worth living for. Grant us the grace and strength to round-up the lost ones around us—for Your glory! You alone are worthy!

By Jessica Yoder

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