Testimony of Redemption

No bad memories-
only redeemed ones.
No ugly scars-
only reminders of His miracle.
No bitter roots-
only myrrh and frankincense.
No shameful regrets-
only a past that is whiter than snow
No stupid failures-
only opportunities of grace
No fear or worries-
only mountains of faith
No wasted years-
only eternal hope
No betrayal-
only perfect love
No abuse or injustice-
only the comfort and identity of the cross and healing stripes of Christ
Never a victim-
only a conqueror in Christ
Never forsaken-
only perfectly loved
Never destroyed or snuffed out-
only reshaped and rekindled
Never intimidated-
only courageous…itโ€™s how He sees you if you are in Him

By Julia Ruth

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