Jesus Fixes a Finger AND a Yellow Jeep

By John Allan Miller

We had an amazing treasure hunt this morning.

Encounter 1: A lady who lost a grandchild a few months ago was touched and comforted by God.

Encounter 2: One of my friends from church told us that her fingers hurt. I showed her my treasure map, which listed, “finger.” I asked her to stretch out her hand. I didn’t touched her, but just declared healing over it. I asked her to test it out, and she was surprised to discover that her pain was gone!

Encounter 3: We stopped by a yellow jeep that was parked with its hood up, and a man working on the car. One of our clues was “yellow.” With permission, two of my friends laid hands on the car and prayed for it. One of them felt his hand supernaturally get hot when he did! A few minutes later the family was able to start the jeep and drive off.


Saved from Lightning

Jesus Christ is Truly Master of the Universe!

Testimony: I drove home to Suffolk from Clifton Forge in a rush today just in time to shower before teaching night class. I walk in the door, grab my pants, thinking “these are wrinkled”, and throw them in the dryer. I go to turn the dryer on, and *BANG*!! A lighning bolt STRIKES the HOUSE while my hand is on the dryer switch with so much electricity that the blue lightning jumped out of the dryer switch and burned me on the back of my right hand. Instantly I felt the electricity surge through my arm, my spine, and hit my heart, which siezed up like a fist for a split second, then STARTED BEATING AGAIN! No pain, no damage, no nothing! In fact, I actually felt STRONGER and BETTER, somehow! I looked at my arm, and I could see where the electricity burned a forked red path halfway to my elbow in the sweat of my arm. The bolt caused people outside to scream, and blew out our living room TV and all the motors in the living room furniture. As for me? I proceded upstairs to take my shower, and went on to teach night class tonight. Feel 100% AOK. Invigorated, even! Had I not decided to fluff my pants, and jumped into the shower five minutes earlier, I would have been killed for sure. God is still on the Throne, people, and He controls lightning bolts and all the other elements and forces in this Universe at Will, with a mere speck of His Power! God is awesome!

Submitted by Mike

God Provides

I have been looking for a job for over a year. God has been preparing me for greatness. I recently got a seasonal job right across the street from my church, which is over now. Now I am in the process of getting another job. This one just happens to be next door to my church. I didn’t even apply for this job. They contacted me. Three days ago I was offered my dream job. I went from restlessly trying to find work, to having choices. God is always good. No matter what I go through, I find God helps me get through it. I think God is trying to keep me close to my church. Thank you GOD.

By E. P. Thomas

A Good Day

It’s been a good day–full of God’s goodness. My nine-year-old friend had a canker sore that was hurting, and he was instantly healed. He prayed a friend with a hurting finger, and God healed her. A man at a grocery store received healing. He was paralyzed on his right side, and he received increase mobility in both his leg and his arm. In the big and in the little, God showed that He cares. And to think of the One who paid for it all–by whose stripes we are healed. He is not counting our sins against us. He is so generous, so forgiving, so wonderful.

By John Allan

Testimony of Redemption

No bad memories-
only redeemed ones.
No ugly scars-
only reminders of His miracle.
No bitter roots-
only myrrh and frankincense.
No shameful regrets-
only a past that is whiter than snow
No stupid failures-
only opportunities of grace
No fear or worries-
only mountains of faith
No wasted years-
only eternal hope
No betrayal-
only perfect love
No abuse or injustice-
only the comfort and identity of the cross and healing stripes of Christ
Never a victim-
only a conqueror in Christ
Never forsaken-
only perfectly loved
Never destroyed or snuffed out-
only reshaped and rekindled
Never intimidated-
only courageous…it’s how He sees you if you are in Him

By Julia Ruth

God Is Good

God is good. This last week I saw His goodness in very practical ways–through His healing a friend of a headache, healing a 14-year-old’s knee, and healing a man’s arthritis. Oh, and I was at a conference where He healed a lady’s eye. Before she could barely see through one of her eyes. Now she can see clearly through both.

All to my good God,

John Allan

Holy Spirit Heals Hernia

Last night I walked to the parking garage where my rental car was. On the way, I walked past a gas station. Holy Spirit prompted me to stop at the gas station. I resisted and kept walking. He prompted me again. This time I obeyed. I walked back to the gas station and bought myself a sandwich, looking around to see if there was somebody I should talk to. As I signed my credit card receipt, the guy next to me said, “Does anyone know what I could do for a hernia?”

“I know,” I said, “I could pray for you. I was just at a signs and wonders conference.”

He was dubious. He didn’t think that would help. I was more hopeful. (I had just come from a service where over 700 people reported being healed, 80% of better, of pain or restricted body movement or other sicknesses where you can know you are healed.)

“You won’t have anything to lose,” I said.

He consented to prayer. I prayed, releasing the kingdom of God and commanding his hernia to be healed. In astonishment, he told me the pain was gone. He left the gas station, saying something about how powerful I was.

I ran up to him in the parking lot. “It wasn’t me,” I said. “It was Jesus.”

I shared the gospel with him. Convinced that Jesus is real, he accepted Christ.

I was touched by the whole thing. I can’t heal anyone. Only Holy Spirit can. I was touched that He would heal a lost sheep to show him that God is real. I was also surprised by how natural and easy it was to share Christ. It is a great privilege to have a wise God living in us and empowering us for the work of ministry through the Holy Spirit.

By John Allan

Yahweh Rapha

Tonight I watched several young ladies praying for an older man whose one leg was shorter than the other. He had one shoe that was maybe 2 inches taller than the other. The ladies praying were laughing and enjoying themselves even as they prayed. As they prayed, the man’s leg grew out and became longer. I had seen him walk with this shoe before. Earlier he could walk normally with the shoe. Now this shoe made him limp.

“This is expensive,” I quipped, “now you have to buy new shoes!”

“I’ll make them pray for the shoes,” he joked, referring to the ones hosting the meeting.

Yahweh Rapha, thank you for smiling at us.

By John Allan

He Makes All Things Beautiful

The beauty of nature used to haunt me. I looked at the beauty of the outdoors and wondered, “Why is there beauty there but not in my own life?”

That was before I really knew God. My life today is rearranged. Confusion is replaced with understanding, despair with hope, and self-hatred with a revelation of God’s love for me.

My cousin told me, “God is an author, and He is writing the story of my life. It will be a beautiful story because God is a brilliant author.” As hard as it was to believe at the time, I am seeing it becoming true. My life is becoming beautiful.

He makes all things beautiful, and all things includes us.

By John Allan

All the Difference

When I was six years old, I was scared to go to bed at night. My room seemed too big and dark; even the night light cast eerie shadows over the walls. I didn’t want to be alone. My little brother was scared, too. We both wanted Daddy to stay with us. How could this new widower attend to the pleas of both of his children?

It was one of our little plastic chairs, but it worked. Daddy set it in the middle of the hallway between our rooms…and sat. And he waited for sleep to still the fears of his children.

I couldn’t see Daddy from my bed. But I knew he was there. And that made all the difference.

I’ve come to love the parallels of this simple experience. Just like Daddy, my heavenly Father loves me, too.  He knows my fears and worries…and He cares, even though the shadows don’t scare Him. His ears are attuned to my cries. Sometimes I can’t see my heavenly Father, but I know He’s there…and that makes all the difference.

Jessica Yoder