Holy Spirit Heals Hernia

Last night I walked to the parking garage where my rental car was. On the way, I walked past a gas station. Holy Spirit prompted me to stop at the gas station. I resisted and kept walking. He prompted me again. This time I obeyed. I walked back to the gas station and bought myself a sandwich, looking around to see if there was somebody I should talk to. As I signed my credit card receipt, the guy next to me said, “Does anyone know what I could do for a hernia?”

“I know,” I said, “I could pray for you. I was just at a signs and wonders conference.”

He was dubious. He didn’t think that would help. I was more hopeful. (I had just come from a service where over 700 people reported being healed, 80% of better, of pain or restricted body movement or other sicknesses where you can know you are healed.)

“You won’t have anything to lose,” I said.

He consented to prayer. I prayed, releasing the kingdom of God and commanding his hernia to be healed. In astonishment, he told me the pain was gone. He left the gas station, saying something about how powerful I was.

I ran up to him in the parking lot. “It wasn’t me,” I said. “It was Jesus.”

I shared the gospel with him. Convinced that Jesus is real, he accepted Christ.

I was touched by the whole thing. I can’t heal anyone. Only Holy Spirit can. I was touched that He would heal a lost sheep to show him that God is real. I was also surprised by how natural and easy it was to share Christ. It is a great privilege to have a wise God living in us and empowering us for the work of ministry through the Holy Spirit.

By John Allan

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