Saved from Lightning

Jesus Christ is Truly Master of the Universe!

Testimony: I drove home to Suffolk from Clifton Forge in a rush today just in time to shower before teaching night class. I walk in the door, grab my pants, thinking “these are wrinkled”, and throw them in the dryer. I go to turn the dryer on, and *BANG*!! A lighning bolt STRIKES the HOUSE while my hand is on the dryer switch with so much electricity that the blue lightning jumped out of the dryer switch and burned me on the back of my right hand. Instantly I felt the electricity surge through my arm, my spine, and hit my heart, which siezed up like a fist for a split second, then STARTED BEATING AGAIN! No pain, no damage, no nothing! In fact, I actually felt STRONGER and BETTER, somehow! I looked at my arm, and I could see where the electricity burned a forked red path halfway to my elbow in the sweat of my arm. The bolt caused people outside to scream, and blew out our living room TV and all the motors in the living room furniture. As for me? I proceded upstairs to take my shower, and went on to teach night class tonight. Feel 100% AOK. Invigorated, even! Had I not decided to fluff my pants, and jumped into the shower five minutes earlier, I would have been killed for sure. God is still on the Throne, people, and He controls lightning bolts and all the other elements and forces in this Universe at Will, with a mere speck of His Power! God is awesome!

Submitted by Mike

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