Jesus Fixes a Finger AND a Yellow Jeep

By John Allan Miller

We had an amazing treasure hunt this morning.

Encounter 1: A lady who lost a grandchild a few months ago was touched and comforted by God.

Encounter 2: One of my friends from church told us that her fingers hurt. I showed her my treasure map, which listed, “finger.” I asked her to stretch out her hand. I didn’t touched her, but just declared healing over it. I asked her to test it out, and she was surprised to discover that her pain was gone!

Encounter 3: We stopped by a yellow jeep that was parked with its hood up, and a man working on the car. One of our clues was “yellow.” With permission, two of my friends laid hands on the car and prayed for it. One of them felt his hand supernaturally get hot when he did! A few minutes later the family was able to start the jeep and drive off.


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